Sarah is gifted with words, plus she delivers effortlessly and nails it every single time. I’ve hired her for myself and my clients when we need clear, concise and compelling messaging. I’m not sure how she weaves her magic, but she’s able to turn a pile of rambling, boring words and thoughts into a sparkly gem that stops readers in their tracks, makes them smile and more importantly, compels them to act. Like, “Man, I gotta have that right now!” kind of action. There is so much content inundating us these days, so it’s wonderful when someone like Sarah can craft and polish your message into an irresistible work of art. Love her!
- Maria Ross, Red Slice Branding

As a writer myself, I thought I had it covered. But hiring Sarah was the best thing I ever did. She did an uncanny job of learning my “voice” then creating snappy, crisp copy which made me sound terrific. Just as I’ve learned the value of hiring a photographer who knows how to light me to make me look great, I’ve now learned the importance of hiring a copywriter who knows how to make me sound smart. I wholeheartedly recommend her work.
Leslie Irish Evans, Speaker, Author, Huffington Post blogger

BlogFrog greatly enjoys working with Sarah for many reasons! She writes wonderful posts that are personal and relatable. A
s a community leader she brought her unique voice to the Savvy Living Community. She was an asset who helped drive discussions, and brought her savvy ideas to help others connect and receive the advice they were seeking. We're also extremely jealous of her adventures!
Vanessa Bogehold, BlogFrog

I spent 20 minutes at lunch yesterday with my girlfriends talking about how wonderful Sarah is.  I fully realized as I started talking about her how much she does for me and how absolutely amazing she is at it!  I like to refer to her as my 'Magical Unicorn'.  Her ability to create incredible copy at lightning fast speed is only one of her qualities that makes her indispensable to me!  I could go on and on, but we'd have to meet for lunch...

- Julie Merriam Wray, Olivine's Charm School

On a tight deadline, Sarah gave me About, FAQ and Course Outline pages that perfectly captured me and my brand.  Her writing is the perfect blend of fresh, snappy and professional.  Now my online content sounds like me - only better.

- Beata English, Beata English Photography
The most professional, pragmatic and process-driven consultant that we found when looking for outside help to launch our fashion/ lifestyle blog. Her guidance has been invaluable is the protocols for engaging with other bloggers to efficiently develop our own content base. Working with Sarah saved us a lot of time and money because we were able to leverage her extensive experience and her high level of clarity about how to accomplish our goals.
- Garnet Heramen, Karina Dresses/The Karina Chronicles

Her clever prose gave an authentic voice to my sales materials & easily captivated my intended audience. If you are looking for writing that feels less than canned for business to business projects or multifaceted marketing materials you have found your gal!
- Laura Nelli, NELLE handbags

Sarah Von Bargen is a ball of sunshine: She's bright, fiery, and possesses a magical ability to make everyone feel better about life. But I can also wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend her because
she's a stellar writer and editor—full of curiosity, passion, humility, and empathy.
- Katie Dohman, Style Editor Minnesota Monthly

We were so lucky to have been connected to her.
She took our standard concepts and copy and turned them into got a have it now, wanna know more lingo, perfectly geared towards our target audience. Aside from her written brilliance, she delivers when she says she’s going to, stays within the budget and is absolute pleasure to top it off. Can’t wait to come back for more!
- Carla Alpert, PROUDgirls

Sarah charmed the CLEO team with her wit, smarts and personable spirit.
Her communication skills, journalistic flair and unique, engaging tone of writing make her such a natural for the magazine industry.
Lynette Ow, Editor-in-Chief CLEO Malaysia
Sarah Von Bargen's writings are like cupcakes. After one,you find yourself addicted and in need of more. But that's okay, because she is one ingenious lady - and you never know what flavor articles she'll come up with next time!
- Danai Christopoulou, Senior Editor Glamour Greece