blog doctor

So you've got this whole Social Media thing under control. You've got a Twitter Account! You've got a Facebook page! Hell, you even splashed out on your own domain name (Fancy!)

So then what? 

Maybe you're shouting into the wind, laboring over posts that no one is actually reading. Perhaps spending your lunch hour refreshing  your sitemeter page to track the five people who stumbled  onto your blog? 

Friend, I have been there. These days, my blog is a Google Blog of Note and read by about 10,000+ people every day (yes, that's the sound of me tooting my own horn) but there was a time when I'd preface all conversations with "Oh, hi.  HAVEYOUBEENREADINGMYBLOG?!"

I've acquired my blog knowledge through trial, error and real life experience. But here's the thing about learning things the hard way: it's hard! Be ye not so stupid as me. If you don't know how to do something, employ someone who does.

And I'm that someone who knows how to do blog stuff! 

Here's how I can help you:

* Develop an audience
Getting people to actually read your blog, comment and commit to it.
* Grow a network of blogging buddies
Make friends and influence people - on the interwebz.
* Cultivate your voice

Writing in a way that sounds like you.  Not David Sedaris, not Another Famous Blogger, but you.
* Clever, clever post ideas
Posts that people will bookmark, Digg and print out to pour over later.
* Re-work old posts
If you've got three years of posts gathering dust, I can help you tweak, edit and amplify old posts into something fresh and new.
* Edit your writing
Clean, snappy, wrinkle-free.  Not just your freshly ironed dress shirt, also your writing.
* Ghostwrite posts
If your company has one blog and zero writers, I can fill in the blanks - no byline required.

If your blog needs a bit of tweaking or a push in the right direction, let me know!