clever copy

It's not always easy to write clever copy about things like website launches.
Or different uses for tomatoes.
Or the merits of recycling yogurt containers.

But I can do it! Juicy, funny, absorbing copy that your customers will actually read.

Be warned:

There will be sentence fragments.
There will be pop culture references.
There might be puns.

And there will be customers who read it and remember it.

Sarah’s writing is truly a breath of fresh air! She is my go-to gal for witty copy. Her attention to detail, creativity and ability to handle short deadlines means she pretty much hung the writers' moon. Not only has she been immensely important for my own company but my clients love her as well!
- Christina Holm-Sandok, Style-Architects

Sarah get's "it". With little direction and even less time she was able to capture the spirit of my company. Her clever prose gave an authentic voice to my sales materials & easily captivated my intended audience. If you are looking for writing that feels less than canned for business to business projects or multifaceted marketing materials you have found your gal!

- Laura Nelli, NELLE handbags

Want some fresh, witty copy for yourself?  Write me!  I serve up fresh helpings on the daily.