After three years of daily blogging and ten years of writing, I've acquired some powers.  While I can't fly (yet) you'd be amazed what you can do with all that experience:

Boring corporate newsletters rendered funny and readable!

Facebook and Twitter streams that your customers actually want to read and follow!

Old blog posts revamped into engaging, commented-upon and forwarded internet fodder.

Not unlike She-ra or Wonder Woman, I want to use my writing and internet powers for good. Not evil!  I work with published authors, PhD-pursuing relationship therapists, whip-cracking nutritionists, fashion labels, accessory-making gurus, brand-crafting geniuses, photographers and boutique PR firms.  (Wanna see exactly how much they like me?)

If you've got some dry copy that needs fun-i-fying or a corporate blog that needs a dose of - I just might be your girl. 
Drop me a line let's talk about how we can amplify your awesome.